Can You Get Life Insurance With Diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the most common health conditions globally that affects millions of people and is responsible for equally numerous deaths annually. However, knowing how to manage diabetes is what counts most and will define whether an individual survives it or not. Living healthy with diabetes is not as hard contrary to common perception and all that is needed is to consume the right diet as per advised, taking the required medication as per prescribed and some routine exercises regularly.

Unlike the past where getting an insurance policy with diabetes was almost next to impossible, insurance companies have come to terms with the fact that diabetes is not synonymous with death at all. Insurers are now more than willing and ready to offer customized life insurance covers for individuals living with the condition.

It may be a fact that the rates of policies for diabetics may be a little more higher than the average healthy being but so is the smoker’s or alcoholic and even in most cases the obese’s rates. This goes to show that diabetes is a risk factor just like any other lifestyle associated risk in the modern world and insurance companies understand this. In most cases these companies go to the extent of offering subsidized rates to insured diabetic individuals then work closely with medical practitioners to manage the condition for the good of both parties.

To qualify for the standard or subsidized rates, there is a criterion that one must follow and they include;

• Striving to stay healthy by steering off a poor lifestyle such as weight gain or smoking.
• Working closely with health practitioners to control the sugar levels.
• And finally if you do not have any other major illnesses or conditions.

In conclusion, life insurance is indeed an important step to take regardless of whether you have diabetes or not. So if you are one, start shopping around for the best insurance company with reasonable rates.

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